Three Peaks 2018


Date: Saturday, 3 November 2018

Distance: ± 50 kms.

Limited to 150 people. In terms of the permit, under no circumstances will more than 150 participants be allowed to take part. Nobody will be allowed to participate ‘unofficially’. No seconding or accompanying of participants allowed during the event.

Start: 5:00 am outside the Old Town House in Greenmarket Square.

Cut-off time: 7:00 pm (14 hours). There will also be a cut-off on the second peak – you must reach Greenmarket Square and have completed the Table Mountain leg by 3:00 pm (10 hours) in order to continue.

Qualification: No official qualification is necessary. However, the Three Peaks Challenge is a gruelling event and you are strongly advised to be fully prepared, medically fit and accustomed to the rigours of ultra distance trail-running and, in particular, running on mountains, often in relatively extreme weather conditions.

Important: There are no marshals, direction or distance markers on the route.  Participants are expected to have prior knowledge and experience of the route, or be accompanied by other participants in the field who are familiar with the route.   

Minimum age requirement: participants must be 20 years of age or older, on the day of the event, in order to take part.    

Entry fee: R930.00 – the marked increase is due, unfortunately, to additional costs that have arisen over the past year.

Entry forms are emailed, personally, to eligible entrants.


SAFETY FIRST Safety, your own and that of others, is a priority! Besides being physically demanding, the Three Peaks Challenge requires a great deal of concentration. Weather conditions can be extreme; dress appropriately. Be well prepared!

ENVIRONMENT The event takes place in an ecologically sensitive area. In the interest of Table Mountain National Park and the continued existence of the Three Peaks Challenge, please respect all rules: do not use erosion paths; do not litter; do not damage or remove indigenous vegetation; respect other TMNP users and visitors; respect the cultural value of the area.