General Event Info

A classic Cape Town event combining the mountain and city in a unique, tough and fun challenge.

First completed by CW Schneeberger in 1897, the challenge traditionally starts from 108 Long Street and runners ascend Devil’s Peak, Table Mountain (to Maclear’s Beacon, via Platteklip Gorge) and Lion’s Head, returning to Greenmarket Square after each peak.

The Three Peaks Challenge is usually run on the first Saturday of November.

  • Limited to 150 people
  • Distance: ± 50 kms
  • Start: 5.00 am outside the Old Town House in Greenmarket Square
  • Cut-off: 14 hours (7.00 pm)
  • No qualification necessary, but there is a long waiting list for entries

Record: Andre Calitz: 04:50:21 (2012)


Date: Saturday, 3 November 2018

R930.00 – the marked increase is due, unfortunately, to additional costs that have arisen over the past year.

The majority of entries will be allocated according to the waiting list*. The balance will be made up of:

  • a certain (limited) amount of people who have permanent numbers
  • those who are going for their permanent numbers i.e. five finishes
  • those going for other milestones i.e. ten, fifteen, twenty finishes etc.
  • the top 3 men and women from 2017
  • a certain amount of invited people: dedicated past-helpers or those who, at the discretion of the organisers, warrant entry

* The waiting list extends, potentially, to the year 2020 and beyond. Entry criteria are currently being revised.

For anybody joining the waiting list now, any chance of an entry for 2018 will depend on the amount of people ahead of you on the waiting list being available or not, or the number of people who drop out of the event closer to the time.

Important – should you get the opportunity to take part:

Once you have completed the event – or withdraw during the event – you will need to request, in writing, to the organisers, to rejoin the waiting list at the bottom of the list. This must be done after the cut-off at 19h00 on the day of the event and not while the event is still being run.     

Join the Waiting List